Mari is a very intuitive & gentle practitioner, with amazing results.

I first went to her to see if she could address my decade+ issue of fibromyalgia. Now, I’ve been through the gamut of massage therapists, and numerous various other therapies over the years to try to manage this. Even though I’d get relief during the sessions, once I got off the table, the pain (& fatigue) would still be there Over these last few years with Mari’s work, I’ve noticed that I have more energy, and the pain is not as insidious. Mari also provides useful tips for nutrition, supplements, posture, exercises, gizmos, etc.(that she’s personally tried herself) without ever trying to sell you anything.

In addition, because I do try to stay active, but also have an old low back injury, I seem to be susceptible to various muscle pulls, strains, etc. Each time this happens, once I see Mari, she uncannily seems to be able to get to the root of the problem and provide relief—no exaggeration!; she’s gotten me functional on many occasions.

On top of all this, her fees are very reasonable for the expertise that she provides (& she has a great spirit/sense of humor. 🙂


El Cerrito

I personally think Mari is wonderful! She’s very knowledgeable, skilled, gentle and supportive. She’s very validating of my experience in my body where other doctor’s and practitioners have not been. She not only tackles the issues I’m experiencing, but she locates the source and works on targeting/healing from there. She listens and empathizes deeply. She has helped me with various issues including lower back pain, a shoulder injury, ankle pain, poor posture, trauma in my body and more. I really appreciate her style of healing and my body, mind and spirit are all extremely grateful! Thank you Mari!


My teenage daughter has been suffering with chronic and debilitating head pain from migraines for 2 years. I took her to pediatricians, neurologists and a neurosurgeon but they could not prevent or take away the headaches. Even though they could never identify the reason for her headaches, they prescribed various dangerous drugs experimentally and told us, that through trial and error, they might someday find the correct drug to stop her pain. This seemed unacceptable to me, but out of desperation we started down the drug path. After suffering through horrible side effects from the first prescribed medication, I knew I needed to look elsewhere.

Thankfully, a friend recommended Mari, so we tried her treatments and finally my daughter has relief! Mari quickly identified the root causes of her head pain (it was nothing the traditional medical community had ever considered), treated her issues, and my daughter remains pain free after Mari’s third treatment. Mari is very wise, intuitive and kind. She communicates well and knows the importance of treating the whole body. She understands the teen-aged child’s needs on a physical, social, mental and emotional level and incorporates advice as she guides and treats the body to balanced, good health. Mari has been a blessing for our family!



My teenage daughter has been suffering with chronic and debilitating head pain from migraines for 2 years. I took her to pediatricians, neurologists and a neurosurgeon but they could not prevent or take away the headaches. Even though

I’ve been seeing Mari for over five months now after suffering from lower back pain and sciatica for nearly six months. By the time I saw Mari for the first time on the recommendation of another friend, I was desperate from non-stop intense nerve pain caused by disc extrusion. Mari’s treatment approaches using osteopathy and cranio-sacral techniques were gentle and soothing, but very effective. Now, I am pain free and feel like I’ve got my life back again. And it is such a great feeling to know that I don’t have any pain when I wake up in the morning until I go to bed at night. I highly recommend Mari for anyone who has lower back pain and severe sciatica.



Mari has magic hands.  With her therapeutic skills and natural intuition, she is able to heal the suffering of her clients.  I am a 70 year old woman with arthritis. My visits to Mari enable me to function at a higher level, and I am able to be more active with and help care for my grandchildren.  It is as if when my muscles, nerves, and bones get out of sync, she is able to realign me.  I now see Mari weekly, but as I continue to improve, we can decrease the frequency of our sessions. It is a relief to know that there is someone I can turn to when the pain is bad and my functioning decreases.



Mari is very good- I went to see her a few times now and it my what I thought never to go away neck and upper shoulder problem seem much much better- I tried everything in the world before and nothing seemed to give me long term relief. After her treatment I definitely see improvements. I highly recommend her – she examines you and knows exactly what is going on.


San Francisco

I had bad lower-back pain caused from sitting long hours and suffered 2.5 months of miserable pain. I was not able to lift anything heaver than my iPhone. I couldn’t walk without a cane and I couldn’t drive. I was VERY frustrated.

Into several weeks of misery, I heard about Mari from my wife’s friend. I read & studied her web site and I read something in the effect of “This technique use gentle touch and manipulation of the musculoskeletal system to restore the balance that the body naturally offer”. It made a lot of sense to me and I made an appointment immediately.

When I arrived, she asked me a lot of right questions, made sure to go over every square inch of my posture, balance of my sketch system and even took time to get to know my life style which most doctors will not do. Her treatment was super gentle, there was no cracking and twisting of my bodies & that had me think to my self “This is too gentle, Is this going to work??”
BUT then the something unbelievable happened. After the first treatment, my pain level went from 9 to 1.5!! I went back 1 more times to see her I felt ZERO pain and I was back to normal activities such as walking my dog, driving to places!!

Her treatment is remarkable. I still see her on regular bases to have my body in good balanced state.
I highly recommend her to anyone who suffer from pain.



I travel from Sebastopol to see Mari (as does my husband)!  I have tried many different body workers to help with my severe back pain.  Mari understands the body better than anyone I have seen and was able to relieve my pain after just one visit.  I wish I had found her a year earlier when the pain began!!  Do yourself a favor – If you are having any kind of body pain, I very highly recommend you go see Mari.


I had a bicycle accident and suffered 2 months of pain in my shoulder and arm. I was not able to cook and even brash my teeth for entire month. And I was very frustrated that even though I tried many doctors like sports medicine, and chiropractics and spend a lots of money, I was not able to increase my mobility at all.
Into 3 months of my miserable life, I found about Mari. I made an appointment the same day. I had no idea about her treatment but I just wanted to try it.
THEN the miracle happened. After the first treatment, my arm felt really good and I went back two more times and I was able to do normal activity without pain!! It was unbelievable. With 5 or 6 treatment, I was able to go back to dance practice with no sever distractions!

Now I go to see her every week to maintain my body since I am very active and training a lot.
I highly recommend her to everyone who has any kind of pain or discomfort in your body. You will find her therapy is the most rewarding one. It is guaranteed!!



Hayama Osteo-Therapy was recommended to me by a dear friend, to whom I now have even more reason to be grateful. When I went to Mari I had just found out that I had two Rotator Cuff tears.  Up to then I hadn’t been aware of the nature of the injuries, and had been living a withdrawn,”fear of possible pain” existence.

After our first session I walked out onto the street, upright, and feeling ten years younger. Over time she has helped guide my recovery in such a comprehensive way, clearly demonstrating how all muscle behavior is interconnected, what I do to help or exacerbate the process along our path to recovery.  Her amazingly light touch and vast knowledge are confidence inspiring. She’s also pretty funny and  I’m very lucky our paths crossed.



I had sciatica for 3 years and my feet were always cold. I had acupuncture treatment but the effect was temporary. In just 2nd session with Mari’s Osteopathic treatment 2 years ago, the pain had completely gone and my feet have become quite warm. I loved her treatment very much. It was comfortable and soothing. I felt so good when I woke up from sleeping in the session. Since then, I have no more pain and my feet kept warm all the time.

I am very appreciative to Mari, not only did she cure my sciatica in such a short time, but she also taught me how to stretch and posture myself. Her teaching is very accurate to correct the specific problem. Oh, my asthma has gone, too. I don’t have her treatment anymore. I have been enjoying my health exercising a lot these 2 years. I couldn’t achieve this if I didn’t see Mari.